Lin/Sher/Dave Ln.

“Legs Inn”…An American institution…Authentic Polish Cuisine.   We arrive in Cross Village at 12:00 noon: opening time.  The roadway parking and lot are already jamming. It is a stunning fall day.  Too late to be seated lakeside to view the gardens and Lake Michigan: we are just happy to get a seat…any seat. IMG_2345 Looking at the menu: I, of course can’t pronounce any of the entrée’s.  It excites me to taste dishes that surround my family history. We are not disappointed. We could not leave without takeout bags filled with goodies.

We are surprised to see that the “Tunnel of Trees”  are not showing their stunning fall color.  Later we learn that our evening destination further south, would be no different. Everything is two weeks late.

Mom turned 85 on September 21st. so we stop in Maple City to share birthday cheer and of course the Polish goodies from “Legs”.  Arriving just in time for happy hour; we share our tradition of “Papa John’s”… one shot for each leg; of course.

Time for our good-bye’s come quickly. Darkness is in the air and we need to settle Clo’set for the night. We drive down Lin/Sher/Dave Lane and pull her in parallel to the Lime Lake shoreline on the lot that Mom and Dad gave to us.  For the past 15 years we have worked diligently here: “creating what could be.”  IMG_2326The property was designated 100% low land. Endlessly  we worked with the DEQ finally being granted approval to transform an area 50′ from the water’s edge into high land. IMG_2399 Later we worked with the SLLW Association to build a community septic now used by all on LSD Ln.  Most memorable
are the hours spent with Mom and Dad; clearing the land with us; encouraging us as they helped us take a dense woods and transform it into what we see today.

We are spending our first night ever here. It just seemed to be the perfect place to end our journey with Clo’set.  The evening is again beautiful, yet cool.IMG_2421

The experience of living 8 days in a 90sf closet so comfortably has actually been liberating.  Thank you Clo’set…we will be seeing you again.

Little Hogs Island

We pushed a lot of miles today.  Classic fall… rainy cool sunless day.  Perfect day to travel. imageGirls don’t seem to mind. We spent another night glamping on the beach.  The Lake Michigan shore this time: viewing Little Hog’s Island west of the bridge. We were entertained tonight by the documentary “Ice Bridge”…wonderful interpretation of life on Mackinac Island.  imageDuring the past 30 years, each February we enjoy a four night stay there. The winter’s bring a magical element to the island.  This documentary captures this essence beautifully.  Over time the island has become a part of who Kip and I have become. We absolutely love Michigan. There is nothing that it cannot give you. You only need to choose to seek…


Copper Harbor

imageWe reached the top of the Keweenaw Peninsula this afternoon.  Here the color has reached its peak. We parked Clo’set this evening alone in the drive next to us.  imageTonight I reserved a cabin at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge thinking we would be ready for some space away from her confining challenges. I was wrong…We are beginning to fall in love with her. We are 1400 miles into our road trip and are beginning to think ahead…about our next time we can glamp with our new discovered friend Clo’set.