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Northern Europe is where reindeer live.  I learned through my reading of National Geo that it is here where there exists a very special relationship between animal and man…reindeer and a Herdsman’s family.  It was the reindeer that instigated me to pursue this visit.  We arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday and are traveling on a small ship around the Baltic Sea.

Northern Europe

We passed Poland on our first day at sea.  It was not on our itinerary….we will return.
St Petersburg, Russia

Coolmore Farms…

American Pharoah’s home is in Versailles, Ky.  Born in 2012, he is an American Thoroughbred hero: winning the American Triple Crown and the Breeders’ Cup Classic in 2015.  In winning all four races, he became the first horse to win the “Grand Slam” of American Horse racing.  He now lives on Coolmore Farms.IMG_0971

It was a true privilege to meet him. I finally found my American Pharoah.