imageThe ferry has been locked in the harbor since Saturday. This morning the skies are thick and gray: no flights leaving the island. We are temporarily trapped in this wonderful space.  On the right, our taxi meets a dray going into town as we make our way to the airport not yet knowing we will be sitting for quite some time….waiting for the skies to open and set us free.  I always feel unsettled anxiety when we experience this quandary: anxious to find the safety that the mainland brings yet wishing for just one more day of playing in this dream.   Mackinac Island  USA 021516


Grand Hotel M.I. USA

“Baby it’s still cold outside.”
Exploring today by foot: triple mittens/ quadruple layers/ “down” surrounding the layers. -16… no wind, no clouds. Only the sun to warm our hearts.  The Grand Hotel; one of my favorite anchors on earth, both summer and winter.  If you have never experienced her wonder, think again.-21515 012


021515 093
Mackinac Island, USA ” 25th” February adventure

“Baby; it’s cold outside.”
Arrived on the Island Friday noon.  It was one of the last flights before the airport shut down; zero visibility. Our skis never made it on the 5 passenger “puddle jumper” off
 the mainland.   So today we walked the two miles back to the airport to fetch our boards . By noon the airport was shut down again.  -37 windchill. Gotta love those “hand warmers”.