Maple City USA

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I am spending the week in Maple City where I grew up: helping Mom and Dad as Mom recovers from hip surgery.  This afternoon I walked this little “city”.  It was probably 42 years ago that I last did so. I was humbled.   So little has changed.  Where as for myself…it seems that everything has.

I walked up  the hill to St Rita’s church.  My sister and I spent many years leading the choir here.  My husband and I were married here too: a wonderful Polish wedding in Leelanau.
Next stop: Maple City School.  I am bigger now so the walk seemed much shorter than it did when I walked  to grade school. I broke my nose here…playing dodge ball.FullSizeRender (6)



 Walking past the post office I became nostalgic.   Had Dad not become Postmaster of Maple City, I would not have grown up here. Here, to me is not just Maple City, it is the entire Leelanau Peninsula. I love my Leelanau.


As I cleared the last corner reaching Mom and Dad’s…I realized that I have not “really” changed.  I am still a country girl.  What has changed is time…
Maple City USA

10.25.15/Autumn beauty

We spent the day enjoying fall at its peak.  First stop: our traditional walk to the top of Sugar Loaf. FullSizeRender (3)This year we were not alone.  We met many who made the same steep walk up “Awful Awful” with the same intention: to experience the vibrant colors embrace the surrounding lakes as the sun displayed her magic weaving in and out of the clouds.
We spent the day exploring Leelanau.  We made our way to Old Settlers picnic grounds; Glen Arbor and around Big and Little Glen to see the damage from the August storm. We walked the Empire Bluffs, Empire beach, South Bar Lake.  We enjoyed “Inspiration Point”.  We drove the Stocking  scenic drive and up “Miller Hill”; taking two tracks through the dense forests and into the grounds of the Homestead.  It was a lovely fall day…FullSizeRender (4)

When all was said and done we chose Sugar Loaf as the most spectacular of all. The height and range of her 360 degree vantage creates a feeling of heavenly awe: standing above the world… looking down.

Lake Michigan