Maple City USA

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I am spending the week in Maple City where I grew up: helping Mom and Dad as Mom recovers from hip surgery.  This afternoon I walked this little “city”.  It was probably 42 years ago that I last did so. I was humbled.   So little has changed.  Where as for myself…it seems that everything has.

I walked up  the hill to St Rita’s church.  My sister and I spent many years leading the choir here.  My husband and I were married here too: a wonderful Polish wedding in Leelanau.
Next stop: Maple City School.  I am bigger now so the walk seemed much shorter than it did when I walked  to grade school. I broke my nose here…playing dodge ball.FullSizeRender (6)



 Walking past the post office I became nostalgic.   Had Dad not become Postmaster of Maple City, I would not have grown up here. Here, to me is not just Maple City, it is the entire Leelanau Peninsula. I love my Leelanau.


As I cleared the last corner reaching Mom and Dad’s…I realized that I have not “really” changed.  I am still a country girl.  What has changed is time…
Maple City USA