Kip and I recently became 80% work-free.  Our new focus is the use of our brain’s other side…the creative side.  Kip with his modern art and assemblages …me with my writing and impressionistic photography.

The beauty of this decision’s immediate impact: we can finally park indefinitely in our most happy places…here with our Bayfield family, and in the Sleeping Bear Lakeshore Park on the Leelanau Peninsula.

Today playing at CedarCliffe…

Kip maintaining our lake view
Me encouraging our cutting garden


Built in 2005…Our house finally becoming our home

Great Lakes Region NA 07 09 2022


…something from nothing.

My order arrived this afternoon.
I love what I feel when I look at all of this enchanting nothingness and begin my process of what it will become.
…creative instigation at its finest.