Grand Hotel M.I. USA

“Baby it’s still cold outside.”
Exploring today by foot: triple mittens/ quadruple layers/ “down” surrounding the layers. -16… no wind, no clouds. Only the sun to warm our hearts.  The Grand Hotel; one of my favorite anchors on earth, both summer and winter.  If you have never experienced her wonder, think again.-21515 012


021515 093
Mackinac Island, USA ” 25th” February adventure

“Baby; it’s cold outside.”
Arrived on the Island Friday noon.  It was one of the last flights before the airport shut down; zero visibility. Our skis never made it on the 5 passenger “puddle jumper” off
 the mainland.   So today we walked the two miles back to the airport to fetch our boards . By noon the airport was shut down again.  -37 windchill. Gotta love those “hand warmers”.