My sixth day of Christmas.

…leaving the Leelanau Blizzard, we embraced our Christmas with Chubby tonight. At our age, the meaning of a gift means no more than a hug…a kiss…peace.

Merry Christmas… May your life be filled with all of the beauty that surrounds you. Often, we just need to give ourselves permission to see.

My 5th day of Christmas…Ukraine.

I am Polish…embracing my love for Ukraine tonight. I am from the district of Pomerania. Pomerania was dissolved during WWII. It could have been me fighting this war had not my great grandfather been granted immigration status into the United States of America. Knowing me…l would have joined the Ukraine forces.
I will forever fight for democracy.

My 4th day of Christmas…the snow

It is the year’s when the snow arrives just before Christmas that tickles my heart most.  The earth seems cleansed by the white blanket it creates.  Santa can easily propel his sleigh, reaching my home to create his magic under our tree. The Christmas lights take on a mystical glow as they glisten through the veil of white.

This is one of those years. The snow began to arrive today, one day before Christmas Eve. It has been snowing since this morning. One foot of snow has blanketed the earth around us in 12 hours. My family’s Christmas event has been canceled… driving is a challenge. The word blizzard is buzzing in the air. We definitely are home for the night.

Leelanau 12.23.22