…Thanksgiving 2020

….since we are not celebrating Thanksgiving outside of our household this year….we asked Miss Sophie to invite her neighborhood family.
The similarities were priceless…another silver lining.

Happy Thanksgiving…may you too find your silver lining on this special day…it is right in front of you…you only need to choose to see.

Quarton Lake…USA

…the silver lining 04.02.2020

Ok…so I am all dressed up and ready….with my mask, my gloves and armed with my glasses… on my way to find a silver lining in my day. I am even wearing my favorite red lipstick….just for me.

Since the grocery store is my only place of destination today, I seek it there.  As I cruise the isles…my hands begin to sweat in the tight plastic gloves and my glasses begin to fog as the warm air from my breathing escapes from under my mask moving upward…under my len’s . Now my body begins to sweat too.   Go figure….never thought this would happen.   I can no longer see what I am shopping for so I stop.  I take a personal moment.   Inhaling a deep long breath, I add to the fog I am already in and say to myself “I can do this”.  I can wear the big lady panties.  So I move on…  My breathing begins to settle and my glasses  clear.  As I am ending my visit moving toward the ice cream isle to buy two more gallons of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, I see them in corner of my eye.  Sitting in a huge bin are “Baby Sheep” and “Mini Moo Moo”…love at first sight.
 I could only fit two in my cart…thank goodness.  The cuteness was overwhelming.  So I buckled in my two new friends…. on top of the milk, the chicken,  the 2 gallons of ice cream and all of the other non-essential treasures that I believed I needed. Rather than going directly to the check out I decided to give Baby Sheep and Mini Moo Moo a tour of the grocery store.  As we carted around from lane to lane I could see the little smiles and giggles that my new friends brought to the stressed vacant faces we passed.  I saw eyes light up if even for a moment.   It hit me….we were making someone’s day just a little bit brighter. We toured the entire store.
At the checkout lane I was second in line.  I had time to think about my impulsive instigative purchase and what I was going to do with my new friends.  As I am putting my bounty on the belt…the cashier notices me holding  Baby Sheep and Mimi Moo Moo.  She tells me to just leave them in the cart and asks  “so who are they for?”….I said: “I am not sure but I do know that one belongs to you.”   Her eyes brighten…a beautiful smile came across her pretty face and she said “you’re kidding”…. I said “no I am not.”   She picked Baby Sheep to take home.  We never exchanged names…she never saw who was behind the mask I was wearing.  I was so pleased… I finally found a way to show my gratitude to someone on the front-line who is helping us get through this covid-19 crisis.

  We left…I so badly wanted to give her a hug.   I settled Mini Moo Moo in the front seat next to me. As I pulled out of the parking lot I began to scheme who would become Mini Moo Moo’s family.  I was at peace on this day.
…Today, I found my silver lining.