leelanau phenomena…

???????????????????????????????We made it to the caves.  A powerful eerie, yet peaceful experience.   It was a grey, 42 degree day.  During our 3 hour venture cracks began to develop in the ice beneath us as well as on the faces of the caves.  Thank goodness for our boot “Yak Tracks”. They saved us from numerous falls.  The ice was merciless.???????????????????????????????

Later into our walk we began to look at the formations from a different perspective…looking into them rather than at them.

???????????????????????????????There were very few people there. At times we were totally alone with these mammoth sculptures of nature.  Later in the afternoon as we sat listening to silence, we began to hear the shifting of the ice around and below us.  The cracks beneath us were widening and the scars on these beautiful sculptures were becoming more visible.

It was time to say goodbye…



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