CedarCliffe Summer’s End…

It was such a delightful privilege to see so many engaged faces of friends/family at our Garden Party. I am reflective today as I go back to how it began and how it perfectly defines creative instigative energy…a movement that I now see clearly in my “mind’s eye.”

Pattie is the creative instigator of the huge bonfire…Year after year she has been the diligent positive force that has made this possible for us.  The preparation that goes into such a mammoth display of power is nothing less than a sheer, hard, sweaty, exhaustive effort.

I initially originated what I called the “beach weenie roast”.  It included her family along with a few friends during the early evening before the “Big” event. The sun’s setting always seemed to display its most beautiful work of the season.  As we basked in its settled beauty, friends would begin to arrive for the bonfire. I always felt a void of unsettledness because I wished everyone could have experienced what we had just witnessed. bayfield0607-016

So I listened to my “mind’s eye”.  I decided that everyone in this special circle was to have the opportunity to see and feel what this time of day bestows… on this special evening as we say good-bye to summer.  That was five years ago.  I instigated an event called “CedarCliffe Summer’s End”…a sunset dinner party.  It would be uncomplicated because the menu and drink would consist of whatever everyone contributed.  This year as I observed the 175+ special circle around me I giggled with glee.  I no longer felt that unsettled void of 5 years ago…everyone was right here beside me.

Creative Instigator:  a person who activates a positive force.


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