…the beauty of a silver lining.

…because of the Canadian/US border closure our Bayfield family will not be a part of our summer this year. It was 1980 when I experienced my first visit. During the past 40 years this family of wonderful soul’s have embraced me into their lives….as I have embraced them into mine.

….so me who is madly in love with the beauty of the great lakes BUT terribly afraid of the water and swimming in them….bought Kip and I kayaks to explore the magnificence of the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore waterways this summer… here in Leelanau where I was born.

The fear of swimming… I have battled my entire life. In this 65th year of exploring outside of my comfort zone… it is time to get completely out of it and “get over it”…or at least try my best to do so. Kip named his kayak on the right “Sherry Ann”…I named mine “Kip”…who better to be my mentor and guide.

to be continued.



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