blouse vs. shirt

I admit it …I do not iron.   Never have…never will.  Having confessed that… to look into my closet it would suggest my profession as  “Undertaker”.  A woman of black and white. My “uniform” includes  crisp white starched shirts or maybe I should call them blouses.   The definition of blouse vs. shirt at the dry cleaners is serious change.  Blouses $6-$7.00 vs. Shirts $2-$3.00 . I take strong issue with this.
photo-4-12To the right are what I will call two white units that I just picked up from the cleaners.  The unit on the left I paid $6.00 to have ironed and the unit on the right I paid $2.00 to have pressed. They both are the same size, fitted men’s shirts that I have shortened in length.
For the past 8 years my dry-cleaners called the unit on the left a men’s shirt but somehow  it became a women’s blouse during the past week.  They explained that the length was now too short and it had to be  hand ironed not machine pressed as all men’s shirts are.  So 10 of my men’s shirts instantly became  women’s blouses…A $65.00 hit that should have been $25.00. This did not sit well…

photo-2So last Saturday  I completed a “sasc” re-creation on 10 men’s trim-fit shirts adding  2 inches to get to the longer length that defines this unit as a men’s shirt not a  women’s blouse.   A savings of $4.00 a blouse..I mean shirt….no I mean blouse…no now I guess it is a shirt.

You know what I mean.








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