Cat Cave

The "Cat Cave"
The “Cat Cave”

The “Cat Cave”…   I adopted Button’s a week ago.  A gift to Mom/Dad after the loss of their “Daisy”.
Going to pick her up momentarily from the Vet for the 4 hour drive to Leelanau to celebrate Dad’s 89th birthday. Feeling a little nervous…
I hope that she is not into singing soprano.  I have the ear plugs just in case.  With her in the back…Maddee our large dog in the middle…this all seems just a little animal excessive.  Thank goodness that “Miss Sophie” -our new puppy has not arrived yet.  That saga begins next week.

blouse vs. shirt

I admit it …I do not iron.   Never have…never will.  Having confessed that… to look into my closet it would suggest my profession as  “Undertaker”.  A woman of black and white. My “uniform” includes  crisp white starched shirts or maybe I should call them blouses.   The definition of blouse vs. shirt at the dry cleaners is serious change.  Blouses $6-$7.00 vs. Shirts $2-$3.00 . I take strong issue with this.
photo-4-12To the right are what I will call two white units that I just picked up from the cleaners.  The unit on the left I paid $6.00 to have ironed and the unit on the right I paid $2.00 to have pressed. They both are the same size, fitted men’s shirts that I have shortened in length.
For the past 8 years my dry-cleaners called the unit on the left a men’s shirt but somehow  it became a women’s blouse during the past week.  They explained that the length was now too short and it had to be  hand ironed not machine pressed as all men’s shirts are.  So 10 of my men’s shirts instantly became  women’s blouses…A $65.00 hit that should have been $25.00. This did not sit well…

photo-2So last Saturday  I completed a “sasc” re-creation on 10 men’s trim-fit shirts adding  2 inches to get to the longer length that defines this unit as a men’s shirt not a  women’s blouse.   A savings of $4.00 a blouse..I mean shirt….no I mean blouse…no now I guess it is a shirt.

You know what I mean.








birth of a design


The creative chatter visited again this weekend.  I have been working on one of my “Modest  Mansion” home designs off and on.  The project probably started about 4-5 years ago.  As you can see looking at its inception on the right it was nothing earth shocking.  The experience is comparable to composing lyrics in a bar on a bar napkin (see inception)

Double click on the pictures  to get better visuals.

Off and on over the years I would bring out the file.  It was here in the second draft (a second level) that I must have decided that the home would be contemporary in design, a second story added for studios and a large open flat roof space to live outdoors.  The home would be situated on a lake.

a second level
a second level









It looks like things took a serious turn in this next draft (Manipulation). The detail is beginning to formulate.  I design using the least space possible to live the largest.   It is here where I begin to layout the way I propose to live.  This is where the “heart begins to beat”.  This is where I begin to get excited.Double click the photo 

Keeps evolving
Keeps evolving

Further and further I manipulate.  An entire day can go by in what seems to be hours. Looking through the file I learn that by the time I complete this next drawing I have a  stack of at least 10 drafts. Each one looking at the space from a different dimension.   After this unsuccessful draw, the file is put  away again. The chatter once more no longer clear.  I realize that I am stuck on this design. In the past, by now the picture would have held substance.  Maybe what is holding me back is the uncertainty of if it will be built by me.

Last weekend it all began again… the chatter that is.  I needed to bring out the file.  Once more I needed to mentally articulate on paper what had formulated in my mind, fearing I would lose the visual forever.  The outcome is my best work on this project to date…yet “still” not done.

My latest chatter
My latest chatter

So today I put the old, tattered, growing file away as I have done so many times before.
Again…I wait until the chatter returns.   031814


Complete system meltdown
Complete system meltdown

I tell myself “get over it“…somehow I can’t.  It has been three months of hitting the wall…after hitting the wall…after hitting the wall.  Every instigated idea I had did not get me any closer to where I needed to be.
I know this too will pass…It always does.
I know this needs to be felt to “feel”.