Our Twelve Day Christmas Journey: A Tradition-

On our first day of Christmas, we gather our way too much stuff to pack into the mobile family cratechristmas-2014-342

I always wonder what the dogs (girlz) think as we all pile into this moving dog crate at one location, coming out hours later in another.  Is it magic?  christmas-day-1-0201 As we pull out of our Quarton Lake drive, Kip announces that the rear end of the crate is dragging.
We turn our sights north in search of snow, Santa, family, friends, giggles, hugs, kisses, wine, laughter, food; and of course presents.  I was a real good girl this year.  I can’t say that every year.  Kip may think otherwise.  We begin to see sightings of snow near Cadillac, so different from a year ago as that travel was slow and tedious due to the magnitude of snow and wind.
We begin to view familiar sightings as the mobile crate makes its way to where we will be for the next seven days.

christmas-day-1-015Five hours later we arrives at our destination.  Now we begin the challenge of getting all of our precious cargo up two flights of stairs to our little bird’s nest in the sky.  We are  in the heart of Leelanau.  Twenty trips later we are done. The crate  is empty.  All of our holiday treasures now unpacked.  The stockings are hung  on the mantle with care.  Our little Christmas tree shining with its “buck” headgear.buck-003 only in Leelanau.  We are home.s-thksgchrist2010-038

12.20.14 Lake Michigan


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