Our Twelve Day Christmas Journey: Day Two

On our second day of Christmas we continue to settle.  After devouring our “favorite” Polish Kielbasa from Gabe’s in Maple City,  we lick our satisfied chops, hop into the mobile crate, and find our way to our God Daughter Ashley  and Co.’s home  (Brent Avery & Kylee).christmas-set-up-004

Hugs and kisses and giggles begin.  We enjoy their beautiful tree and Christmas cheer; their daughters’ stealing the stage; us enjoying every precious moment.
Back into the crate, we journey to Mom & Dad’s Lake home on Lime Lake.  They no longer live here  but have kept it in the family to make it available to us for gatherings.  Kip and I are hosting our family Christmas this year and tonight LSD (Lin-Sher-Dave) and spouses along with Mom and Dad join together to begin the preparations: decorating.christmas-set-up-010christmas-set-up-012

more hugs giggles, laughter, Papa John’s, food and cheer.  christmas-set-up-014As we scurry about, wonderful sniffs of Mom and Dad’s dinner preparations begin to fill the air.  christmas-set-up-020 They are hosting dinner on this eve before the eve, before the eve,  before the eve of Christmas…yum
12.21.14 Lake Michigan


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