Our Twelve Day Christmas Journey: Day Four

On our fourth day of Christmas the weather is not cooperating.  We pull out our rain gear and decide to poke around the park.  Entering Empire I have a flash back to 5th grade as we pass by the old school. day-4-004I did not actually go to school in this facility, but right behind was a tiny building that housed my 5th grade class.  We called it the chicken coop; it is no longer there.

Driving across the Narrows (Big Glen on the left,  Little Glen on the right)  We had an interesting sighting.

day-4-009  It was just bouncing around in the middle  of Little Glen. Go figure.

We drove to Lake Michigan off Port Oneida road, disappointingly we found no beach. This was concerning.  Next stop; Good Harbor.

day-4-013 There, we found a walkable beach only because there was no wind or waves.  The impact of increased water levels was everywhere. The picture on the right shows a 3′ cliff etched into the beach grass caused from days of heavy waves. Still in the bay was anchored the ship that we spotted yesterday near Whale Backday-4-0161.  Today it was on the other side of the Bay.  We walk to the point and on our return the day began to turn into evening.day-4-015  As the sun’s rays fell through the clouds and onto the water, diamonds began to glisten on its surface.  It was beautiful; the earth was silent in peace.

Lake Michigan


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