Our Twelve Day Christmas Journey- Day Three

On our third day of Christmas with the “flip” of a lid,   Cantricks.com’s Leelanau office is open for business.day3-020

Historically the auto industry is slow this time of year.  I am hopeful that its history will not disappoint me.

Noon arrives;  into the Chariot through the woods and off to lunch we go.


day3-002Making our way into Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore we decide to dine at my favorite  childhood “watering hole”.

Over the years this little establishment has become a Park destination highlight.  Can’t help but wonder why… day3-001Unfortunately,  no sighting of Tim.

We make our way to Lake Michigan Drive seeking the peace of the beach.  The sky is gray.  The air is damp; little snow surrounding.  I begin to fret, without snow how will Santa find me?day3-012 

ke Michigan National Lakeshore

day3-014Good Harbor Bay near Whale’s Back


Lake Michigan

Author: MyGhostinMe

I am a creative spirit, an old soul and an instigator. My introverted tendencies instigate me to actively seek and explore outside of my comfort zone. It defines me... My favorite joy's are twofold: to create something from nothing....and to look at what is...seeing what could be. I call it creative instigation.


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