Our Twelve Day Christmas Journey: Day Nine


It is Sunday.  We find ourselves at Cantrick H.Q. putting a number of year-end matters in order to be able to continue our international journey tomorrow.
The evening brings a celebration of “Our” Merry Little Christmas.christmas-2014-1421 Santa has once again found me. For thirty-six years no matter where our travels take us we commit an evening to just us.  Our traditions take over.  christmas-2014-324After opening a few gifts, dinner ensues. I, the pyromaniac can never find enough candles. This year oysters/crab/artichokes and a special bottle find their way to our table. We talk gratitude.  We talk the year’s successes and we talk
of its losses.  We talk about our new year ahead.

As I shut down the lights at the evening’s end, I walk past our satirical self-portrait above the fireplace.???????????????????????????????                                                                     I can only giggle.



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