Our Twelve Day Christmas Journey: Day Ten

 On our tenth day of Christmas, our journey takes us back on the road to our final destination. christmas-2014-342Hopefully, Kip won’t announce that the mobile crate is dragging as we pull from the drive. On this trip we have 80 additional passengers; fresh blue point oysters

We are going international; on our way to Lake Huron.  It is a relatively short drive; two and a half hours door to door. 

As we cross the border there is still no snow in sight.  We begin to resign ourselves to the fact that there will be no x-country skiing during this year’s journey…

It is late in the afternoon as we arrive into the village.  The sun begins to show its brilliance through the winter clouds.  As we pull into our drive I run to the bluff; to the left is what I see.christmas-2014-346christmas-2014-363

                    Ten minutes later I see this

As we unpack the mobile crate and become organized in our new setting, the earth once again finds its peace.christmas-2014-369

Some time later, as I stare at the dance in the fireplace, I begin to settle into a mindful state. I love when my person feels her moment.  When she embraces who she is.  When she is one with her Ghost in Me.
Lake Huron


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