Our Twelve Day Christmas Journey: Day Eleven- Resolution

On our eleventh day of Christmas I continue to focus on a mindful state. On this day I continue to move inward; seeking my direction for the new year. Random/odd visuals of 2014 begin to dance in my head.058

113                                                                                 buttons-014     bayfield-summer-2014-011                                                      christmas-2014-034

I move my mind back; inward…

  Resolutions are important to me.  Each year I work hard to make them clear in my “mind’s” eye so that there is no confusion as to what I am asking me to do. I am moving into my sixth decade on earth in 2015.  This fact feels profound. It is pushing me in a good, exciting way.  I resolve to bring from the back burner to the front burner my need to develop the “art” of Creative Instigation.
Lake Huron


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