Our Story…0515

IMG_0782 traveling the Aegean Sea…

Entering the Mosque
Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque:  Istanbul, Turkey
Greece 5 2015 GA's 062

                    The island of Nisos Limnos, Greece
                   I could  not do it.  Too narrow  of a trail ahead. This picture is of me taken by Kip from the top where the Citadel was located. 

The island of Mykonos, Greece

The Island of Delos: Birthplace of  Apollo and his twin sister Artemis 3000 BC. We walked their sanctuary dated back to 3000 BC.

Greece 5 2015 SA's 114

Kusadasi, Turkey
The city of Ephesus: honeymoon playground of Anthony and Cleopatra.  Most of this city was unearthed and reconstructed.

Greece 5 2015 SA's 103

We walked hundreds of stairs to be above  and enjoy these homes of the elite: discovered and excavated in the hills that surround the ruins of Ephesus. 1st Century AD

Greece 5 2015 GA's 121

        The island of  Patmos, Greece
       Home of the Monastery of St. John

Greece 5 2015 SA's 165

The island of Rhodes , Greece

The Acropolis of Lindos: An Acropolis is what we call a Fort.  It was built on the highest peak of the island and its purpose: to protect. All of our visits included hundreds of steps to reach these massive settlements. 

Donkeys were often available to make the treks up into the Acropolis.

Greece 5 2015 GA's 168       A Seabourn moment…

Greece 5 2015 SA's 205Thira: The island of Santorini, Greece
The “Wild” island…where people play.  We were getting a little too tired…

Greece 5 2015 GA's 228Athens, Greece:
Our final hike: Acropolis of Athens.

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I am a creative spirit, an old soul and an instigator. My introverted tendencies instigate me to actively seek and explore outside of my comfort zone. It defines me... My favorite joy's are twofold: to create something from nothing....and to look at what is...seeing what could be. I call it creative instigation.


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