Our Story…0515

IMG_0782 traveling the Aegean Sea…

Entering the Mosque
Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque:  Istanbul, Turkey
Greece 5 2015 GA's 062

                    The island of Nisos Limnos, Greece
                   I could  not do it.  Too narrow  of a trail ahead. This picture is of me taken by Kip from the top where the Citadel was located. 

The island of Mykonos, Greece

The Island of Delos: Birthplace of  Apollo and his twin sister Artemis 3000 BC. We walked their sanctuary dated back to 3000 BC.

Greece 5 2015 SA's 114

Kusadasi, Turkey
The city of Ephesus: honeymoon playground of Anthony and Cleopatra.  Most of this city was unearthed and reconstructed.

Greece 5 2015 SA's 103

We walked hundreds of stairs to be above  and enjoy these homes of the elite: discovered and excavated in the hills that surround the ruins of Ephesus. 1st Century AD

Greece 5 2015 GA's 121

        The island of  Patmos, Greece
       Home of the Monastery of St. John

Greece 5 2015 SA's 165

The island of Rhodes , Greece

The Acropolis of Lindos: An Acropolis is what we call a Fort.  It was built on the highest peak of the island and its purpose: to protect. All of our visits included hundreds of steps to reach these massive settlements. 

Donkeys were often available to make the treks up into the Acropolis.

Greece 5 2015 GA's 168       A Seabourn moment…

Greece 5 2015 SA's 205Thira: The island of Santorini, Greece
The “Wild” island…where people play.  We were getting a little too tired…

Greece 5 2015 GA's 228Athens, Greece:
Our final hike: Acropolis of Athens.