I live with a sommelier of music.  I hear it all; from the “Dead Kennedy’s to Lana Del Ray.   I have always loved music but never immersed myself into it.  Kip has…  As we sit down at our candlelit dinner with a turnstile full of just purchased CD’s from  spun.com.  I have no idea as to what we are going to experience.  But: as we go through piles of CD’s that the majority we will never hear again;  we/he find “gems”.  Every so often he comes to me with something that he knows I will want to absorb;  and I do mean want to absorb; playing over and over again. It drives him to distraction.  He introduced to me a CD that I want to pass forward. it strikes a chord with both of us.  We are not necessarily lyrically directed.  This woman just has an unbelievable beautiful delivery… Their piece: “Strong” is a must listen.IMG_446252007

So tonight as I sit here writing this, I hear the turnstile being filled with our selection for this evening’s dinner.  Here we go… together; out there.  Today he replaced four sets of speakers throughout the house that have been blown.  We “really” do enjoy our music.