Contemporary vision…

It’s a rainy day…doing my absolute favorite thing ever.IMG_3161Playing with “space”…creating something from nothing.


I live with a sommelier of music.  I hear it all; from the “Dead Kennedy’s to Lana Del Ray.   I have always loved music but never immersed myself into it.  Kip has…  As we sit down at our candlelit dinner with a turnstile full of just purchased CD’s from  I have no idea as to what we are going to experience.  But: as we go through piles of CD’s that the majority we will never hear again;  we/he find “gems”.  Every so often he comes to me with something that he knows I will want to absorb;  and I do mean want to absorb; playing over and over again. It drives him to distraction.  He introduced to me a CD that I want to pass forward. it strikes a chord with both of us.  We are not necessarily lyrically directed.  This woman just has an unbelievable beautiful delivery… Their piece: “Strong” is a must listen.IMG_446252007

So tonight as I sit here writing this, I hear the turnstile being filled with our selection for this evening’s dinner.  Here we go… together; out there.  Today he replaced four sets of speakers throughout the house that have been blown.  We “really” do enjoy our music.


Cat Cave

The "Cat Cave"
The “Cat Cave”

The “Cat Cave”…   I adopted Button’s a week ago.  A gift to Mom/Dad after the loss of their “Daisy”.
Going to pick her up momentarily from the Vet for the 4 hour drive to Leelanau to celebrate Dad’s 89th birthday. Feeling a little nervous…
I hope that she is not into singing soprano.  I have the ear plugs just in case.  With her in the back…Maddee our large dog in the middle…this all seems just a little animal excessive.  Thank goodness that “Miss Sophie” -our new puppy has not arrived yet.  That saga begins next week.